By touching Grandpa’s dragon bracelet accidentally, the boy, Pinecone, passes through time and space, to Sauros Land, where he meets the innocent girl, Plum, the brilliant Jingle, and a mysterious boy, Hugh.
Together with their dinosaur soldiers and their powers, the four warriors start their adventure and try to save the land from crisis.

  • Pinecone


    A dinosaur lover. Warm-hearted but reckless, Pinecone plays some kung fu and likes to show-off. He was so naughty and entered into Sauros Land by accident. To return back to his world, he has to fight with the evil to get all the dragon crystals and protect the land.

  • Jingle


    Kind-hearted but irritable, Jingle was born as the princess but was later adopted by a couple living to steal money from others.

  • Plum


    Pulm is the little queen of the brutal pirates. She is childish, curious and is spoiled by her family.

  • Hugh


    Hugh looks cold and proud, but is kind inside. Dreaming to be the most powerful dragon warrior in Sauros Land, he hates the weak and always tries to fight with the strong.


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Abhishek 3rd Jan, 2015

Good show i like it.

Sayanha Kshatri7th Dec, 2013


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