The Flock
The Flock

For the most part, the flock are typical sheep – content to spend the day chewing the cud. But when Shaun gets an idea into his head, they are only too happy to follow where he leads. They are easily amused and even more easily influenced – they provide an enthusiastic audience for Shaun’s shenanigans, and willingly throw themselves into whatever plans he hatches. But equally they can be clumsy, cowardly and are none too bright – their incompetence all too often undermines Shaun’s more ambitious exploits.

While they are mainly a group of indistinguishable and undistinguished animals who usually act as one, there are a few more individualistic characters who stand out within the group:

SHIRLEY – four times the size of any other member of the flock, Shirley has to be pushed from place to place and can eat just about anything that comes her way. She is also useful as a trampoline, a battering ram and her capacious fleece provides a hiding place for all manner of unlikely items.

TIMMY – adorable but perhaps not as innocent as he looks, Timmy is a baby lamb who sucks a dummy and has an alarming propensity for getting into dangerous situations.

TIMMY’S MOTHER – with curlers in her hair, Timmy’s mother displays a rather careless attitude towards maternal duties. But when her little boy goes astray – as he frequently does – she is inconsolable until he is safely back in her arms.