Gattu Battu is a story of two friends who own a security agency in a small town called Vishrampur. While Battu thinks that he is the brains behind every case to be solved, his patient and loyal friend Gattu is really the one bearing the brunt of Battu’s silly endeavors and pulling them out of troubles each time. Battu’s mindless goof-ups, coupled with Gattu’s hilarious yet brilliant cover-ups are what forms the heart and soul of this series.

  • Gattu


    He is tall, lean and upright- just like his ethics. He doesn’t tolerate wrongdoings, crime or any sort of misdemeanors. He is a skilled martial arts expert and would stand up to any wrong doing. With this very motive, he has opened a detective agency along with his closest friend-Battu to help people fight crime and solve their various sorts of cases. Although forthcoming and upright, he still has very good sense of humor and his martial arts skills always show up in a comic way. While he fights, he is always innovating and using articles which lie next to him during the fight. Sometimes, he would squeeze a lemon on the face of a rival and sometime he will use a chair to ward off the rival. His fighting strategy is always comic and it’s a visual pleasure to see him fight. He seldom fights to injure or physically hurt people but instead tires them out and make them lose from their own weakness. Gattu is known in the city for his comic moves in fights and people cheer him for that. Signature line – Main galat baat aur galat aadmi ka saath kabhi nahi deta

  • Battu


    Same height as Gattu, thin and the impulsive one of the duo; he is a master of mistiming. He takes himself too seriously and thinks that he is smart, intelligent and charming. He always takes the lead because of a basic misunderstanding about himself. The sad truth is that he is stupid and he is completely unaware of his stupidity. He thinks he is a mastermind and the most intelligent planner but they always fall flat because they are always completely foolish. So, whenever Battu comes up with a plan to solve a case, it falls flat on its face because of its plain stupidity. Gattu is very tolerant of Battu, because he really loves Battu and doesn’t want to question him. There are times when Gattu also falls into the trap of Battu’s outrageous schemes and become a party to it. But invariably at all times, Gattu emerges as the hero and salvages the situation at the end. Signature line – Mera 6th sense keh raha hai ki yaha khatra hai

  • Professor Bhatawadekar

    Professor Bhatawadekar

    Professor Bhatawadekar is an elderly and dramatic, yet genius scientist. He is Gattu Battu’s gadgeteer. All the gadgets used by Gattu Battu are enthusiastically invented by him. Signature line – Twinkle twinkle little star, dekho mere awishkar.

  • Sher Singh

    Sher Singh

    A colorful Don, he is extremely thin. He is so thin that a mere gust of slightly strong wind is enough to send him flying off in the air. His henchmen have to keep holding him down from flying off. Sher Singh is a constant enemy of Gattu Battu, as they always interfere in his dishonest activities. Signature line – Tabahi ka doosra naam Sher Singh hai

  • Ting Tong

    Ting Tong

    Domestic help for Gattu & Battu. A shy simple boy Ting-tong, has Chinese origins and has long flat hair falling over his eyes covering his vision at all times. Sometimes he is not able to see where he’s going and ends up banging in walls, falling off stairs, slipping of banana peels etc. but that is not all. There is a secret to Ting Tong’s character. Every time he hits his head, Ting Tong loses memory and turns into any character he sees right after his memory loss, be it a human or an animal and his memory doesn’t return unless he hits his head again.

  • Inspector Manmani

    Inspector Manmani

    Inspector Manmani is the inspector of Vishrampur. He detests Gattu and Battu since they are very smart and always solving the problems of the town people. He doesn’t miss a single opportunity to blame Gattu Battu so that he can put them in jail. He is fat, due to which he has trouble running. He also loves to have tea without straining out the leaves. Whilst talking, if he stresses on any word, tea leaves come flying out his mouth. Signature line – Main hu inspector Manmani, main chai piyu bin chaani. Bhaagne ki koshish mat karna warna main tumhe daaud ke pakad lunga.

  • Chamach Singh

    Chamach Singh

    Chamach Singh is Inspector Manmani’s sidekick. He is seen following him around with a flask full of tea at all times.


Gattu Battu On Sonic

Gattu Battu On Sonic




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