The series deals with the war between Doggy Don, a friendly, slightly dumb Doggy dog and the 3 mice that live in his house. Doggy Don is aided in his attempts to defeat the mice by his older brother Colonel, a ex-army dog who is smarter than Doggy Don, but not as smart as the 3 mice. Each story deals with some mischief that the mice create and the havoc that ensues when Doggy Don and Colonel try and fight them and win back their territory. Ranging from stealing Doggy Don’s food to setting fire to his house and trying to steal his girlfriend, ‘Pakdam Pakdai’ is a rollicking, edgy and hilarious comedy series.

Mon - Fri 7 pm

  • Doggy Don

    Doggy Don

    The genial dog who lives in the house where all the action takes place or originates from. He’s genuinely gullible, peace-loving and easy to fool and will try and get back what is his from his enemies by harmless means, usually. It is his bad luch that he is dealing with the ultra-violent 3 mice who will not back down.

  • Colonel


    Don’s elder brother, Fauji is a hard-core ex-army dog – high on jingoism and brawn and low on brain. He makes up for Don’s general peaceful demeanour by being ultra-violent. Even though his antics are usually out-done by the 3 mice who knock him out regularly.

  • The Three Mice

    The Three Mice

    Motu is the fat mouse who is the cause of most of the trouble since he wants to eat more than the other 2 mice. He is also the baby of the group, the youngest mouse. Lambu is more of an operations guy. He has the unfair advantage of being slightly distant and does not care for anything other than doing what Chotu tells him. Chotu provides all the explosives and the insane ways and plans of getting even with Don and Colonel. He always has plans to try and cause massive trouble for Don.



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ANMOL BHARTI2nd Jan, 2016

Sooooooooooo comedy show

Random Crane4th Apr, 2015

ya very comedy you are right

Harkanwarnoor Singh5th Oct, 2015

How to take part in contest?

25th Dec, 2014


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