'Beak Impact': New chapter in Angry Birds Space game!

'Beak Impact': New chapter in Angry Birds Space game!


To celebrate the success of Angry Birds Space, Rovio has released a new chapter for the game. Known as Beak Impact , this new free to download update contains over 40 levels.

The story revolves around asteroids exploration. The villain pigs are mining these celestial bodies for precious minerals, and the birds are on the mission to stop them.

That's not it, there's also a new bird Mighty Buzzard waiting to be unlocked. Yes, it's inspired by the Buzz Aldrin, the world famous astronaut from Apollo 11. Just in case, if you were not aware, he's the second man to walk the Lunar surface.

The game also contains hidden NASA spacecrafts throughout the levels. You can find the Orion Crew Vehicle, OSIRIS-REx, Deep Impact, and Dawn spacecraft. Once you spot these easter eggs, you can get more information about these high-tech vehicles and rovers from NASA.

NASA's Lindley N. Johnson from Planetary Science Division has also written guest post on AngryBirds.com to educate children about asteroids.

This is not the first time, when the Finnish game developer has teamed-up with NASA. In past, the company had managed to convince astronauts to announce its game from space. Then, Curiosity Rover's mars landing was celebrated by Red Planet episode.

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